Thursday, March 6, 2008

10000 BC Clips

10000 BC, Roland Emmerich's last movie, is going to be officialy released tomorrow. Here below some more preview clips to wet your appetite:

A trap puts DLeh (Steven Strait) in chomping distance of a saber-tooth tiger.

DLeh (Steven Strait) flees from a hidden threat.

DLeh (Steven Strait) faces off against a charging mammoth.

Let Me Go!
DLeh (Steven Strait) is unable to prevent raiders from taking Evolet (Camilla Belle).

We hunt together!
DLeh (Steven Strait) rallies his men before the fight.

Mammoth Stampede
DLeh (Steven Strait) leads the rebellion of the pyramid builders.

A gorgeous movie like Roland Emmerich is used to bring us!


Anonymous said...

The genre is hardly original, loads of other writers have had a stab at it.