Thursday, March 6, 2008

10000 BC Roland Emmerich and Cast

10000 BC is heavily promoted since a few days. But who could better sell the movie to a spectator to be than the movie's director or its cast? Here they are:

Director Roland Emmerich introduces a look at his prehistoric adventure.

Interview of the cast and Roland Emmerich by Coming Soon.

Are you ready for this prehistoric epic? For my part I know I'll go to the nearest theater tomorrow to watch 10,000 BC.


Brix said...

I saw the trailer and it's very interesting... A tribe living and it's like Apocalypto...... I forward to see this in theater

c said...

I loved the movie 10,000 BC. It was very exciting watching Mammoths by the hundreds stampeding and prehistoric men standing up to such giants. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the movie. The theater was packed and the audience applauded at the end. The movie is much more complex than is noted in the reviews. I appreciate all the work that went into the film.

c said...

I loved the movie, 10,000 BC. I was fascinated by the Mammoth hunting scene, the interaction Deleh had with the Saber Tooth tiger, the battle with the monster size ostriches, and the pyramid building scenes. I give this movie a high rating for entertainment. The theater was packed and the audience clapped at the end. It is astonishing to me how bad the reviews are. I am not a movie expert but I thoroughly enjoyed 10,000 BC.